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Austlen Entourage Sit + Stand Double Stroller in Navy

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As children get older they need the flexibility to alternate between walking, riding and resting, all at a moment’s notice. The Entourage Sit+Stand Double Stroller gives you the flexibility to expand your stroller to make room for your older child when they want to hop on for a rest, and retract back to a compact single stroller while they walk, run, skip, scoot or bike alongside you. Features: Innovative, 1-second expandable frame can carry up to 150 lb. of kids plus cargo and avoids issues found with traditional tandem strollers Easy maneuverability even fully loaded Folds with front seat, jump seat and platform rider all attached and still allows the most compact fold of any double stroller on the market Jump seat can be easily stowed when not in use or deployed with one hand Integrated platform rider allows child to stand and ride without compromising your stride Stroller can be expanded with one hand to make room for reclining front seat or taller child in the back while still retaining extra-large storage space Easily tilts and wheels into your trunk for a light lift Luxurious fabrics and high-end components that last Dimensions: Folded (with wheels/fenders): 33.5″L x 24.5″W x 17.75″H Folded (without wheels/fenders): 32.5″L x 21″W x 10.75″H Retracted (handle down): 38.5″L x 24.5″W x 41″H Intermediate (handle down): 44.5″L x 24.5″W x 41″H Expanded (handle down): 50.5″L x 24.5″W x 41″H Handlebar distance (in use, based on position): 5.5″-7″ Handlebar height (from ground): 36.25″-42″ Head height reclined (from seat bottom): 18″ Head height upright (from seat bottom): 24″-26″ Seat width: 12.5″ Seat depth: 9.5″ Footrest length: 9.5″ Capacity and Weight Seat suitable from birth up to 50 lbs. Market tote up to 35 lbs. Lower storage basket up to 65 lbs. Total combined weight of kids and cargo up to 150 lbs. Stroller weight with seat and lower storage basket: 32 lbs.* *Does not include arm bar or canopy

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