Adult Mega Man Costume


You’ve spent hours memorizing Yellow Devil’s movement patterns. You seem to be able to instinctively, almost clairvoyantly, know when you’ll find the next energy pellet so you can push your damage meter to the very edge before you have to refill. You can jump over every one of Gutsman’s attacks. You can even beat Metalman without taking a single point of damage using only the Buster Shot, because charging shots just slows you down. You know everything there is to know about the Mega Man video games, from 1 all the way to 10. Are you ready for the next challenge?It sounds like you’re definitely ready to try this Adult Mega Man Costume on for size. This officially licensed costume will put you right in the shoes of the classic 8-bit character! The pullover blue shirt and matching blue pants are separate for added comfort and ease of motion, and the darker blue features like the left glove, boot covers, and briefs are foam to add texture and detail. The included soft fleece helmet fits snugly on top of your head, and Mega Man’s iconic Megabuster arm cannon, which is stuffed to keep its shape, completes the look while making sure you’re equipped to take out the next Robot Master on the list. Or you can fight new robot bosses that you find at the next costume party instead, like Double-Dip Man. (We hear Dr. Wily created him to ruin party experiences across the world.)

Mega Man Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6082AD

Price: $24.99

ORDER HERE: Adult Mega Man Costume

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