Catwoman Glasses


Are you looking for a cute and chic accessory to complete your playful villain costume? Just because you want to be a bad girl this Halloween doesn’t mean that you can’t have some great style. Check out these amazing officially licensed Catwoman Glasses. They will be purrfect for completing your villainous, retro-inspired look!The black frames have sassy cat ears and the lenses are a seductive smoky hue. Now, these shades may not give you 9 lives and they actually don’t provide protection from UV rays at all… BUT they will make you the coolest cat in any party scene. Whether these cat-tastic glasses are used to finish your Catwoman costume or you just add them to your outfit for a nerdy touch, you will feel like a master jewel thief. Just do try to fight any urges you feel to break the law, there’s no need to get the big ole bat involved… He’s one grumpy vigilante!

Catwoman Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: HWSG2222

Price: $9.99

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