Child’s Audrey the Pirate Costume


Pirates, right?! They’re smelly and they drink too much and all they ever want to talk about is doubloons this and pillage that… We get it, you’re criminals of the high seas! You live a charmed life of crime and mayhem and we are TOTALLY jealous of you. You know, pirates could really use a makeover. Someone who wasn’t vile and disgusting, but just precious and cute. You know? Someone who didn’t scream yaaaarrrrrr every time you got within shouting distance, but instead might say, “Look at my pirate sword, it’s pink!” and giggle with delight.Oh, well take a look at this. It’s Audrey the Pirate. She doesn’t seem obsessed with overthrowing the king’s government or burning down sea shanties. Looks like she’s just happy to bring home a pirate’s chest full of Halloween candy instead. And it seems she’s very concerned with hygiene and complete sentences. That’s a breath (pun intended) of fresh air. If you’ve got a little girl who’s interested in joining her pirate crew this Halloween, we’ve got the perfect costume!Your girl will love this 100% polyester velvet pirate dress, with crinkle taffeta and tulie fabrics. It’s a pullover peasant-style dress with elastic at the neckline, waistband, and sleeves. The bodice is styled with a velvet vest over taffeta blouse with flared hanging sleeves, and the skirt has a taffeta base layer topped by hanging strips of tulie. The velvet-covered foam hat with lace edging and tulie bow completes the costume.

Child Pirate Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR4419

Price: $39.99

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