Comic Book Girl Costume


Are you the kind of gal who actually yells “Ka-Pow!” “Bam!” and “Biff” when she’s giving her dreaded left hook to criminal evildoers? Of course you are. You fight crime and stand up for truth and justice in your own unique (American) way. That’s why you want to stand out from all the other superhero clones that hit the streets every Halloween. And, of course, you want to look absolutely fabulous doing it, too. That takes the right superhero suit, and not just any old thing will do. But fear not! You’ve found the right one, because there’s nothing more stylish, distinguished and intimidating (to the bad guys, natch) than you in this awesome Comic Book Girl costume!This super-fashionable romper comes in a rich red and blue combo with gold stars and gold trim… all the hallmark colors of everyone’s favorite superheroes, but with a new twist. The cape is attached to the suit (because what self-respecting superhero doesn’t wear a cape?!), and a gold belt ties it all together. Best of all, the distinguishing feature of this costume (besides, like, everything else!) happens to be your own personal hallmark… those 60s comic book-style “fight words!” The cape has “Boom!” printed on the back, and the belt buckle is the classic “Pow!”So for a night of crimefighting (and maybe even some Halloween reveling, if you have time in your busy schedule) that’s truly super, the Comic Book Girl costume is the upgrade you need! Don’t forget to check out our wide selection of superhero accessories, like butt-kicking knee-high boots!

Adult Superhero Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LE85224

Price: $24.99

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