Girls Red Sequin High Heeled Shoes


The land beyond the rainbow looks so attractive from far away beyond the rain clouds! But, that pretty place you’re child might be imagining could be filled with danger and loads of rules. If your kiddo does wake up there, remind her to stay on the path, avoid nasty apple trees, and definitely watch the skies for those creepy flying animals that shouldn’t be there. Really, is anyone ever prepared to come face to face with true magic?Well, whether or not your little one is prepared to come to head with the witches of the world, good or bad, it would seem like a waste to show up to that magic land without the right accessories. Sometimes those sensible tennies just don’t cut it, even if she’s is about to skip long distances. In a magic world she’ll need a little ruby sparkle and the right friends at her side, then she can conquer just about anything. While these slippers aren’t crafted from magical rubies, they have magical non-slip rubber soles and an adorable 1.5” heel, all augmented by shining red sequins and a bright bow. Whether you little one is exploring her own magic world or her very own neighborhood in these flashy flappers and, all she needs to remember is that home is only three clicks away!

Kansas Girl Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: FUN1216CH

Price: $29.99

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