Minnie Mouse Headband


Have you ever been shopping for your niece when you find something so cute that you wish you could wear it? We know we have. Gosh, all those pretty dresses we would wear if only they made them in adult sizes. And you would still get her the pretty dress too, because then you could match with your favorite little girl.This Minnie Mouse Headband is one of those times. It is just so cute. You know your niece would love it, and lets be honest, you would love it too. And the best part is this headband comes in adult sizes too! On your next day out with her you could surprise her with the headbands. You will look so cute together. Just be prepared to answer “Are we going to Disney Land?” You know she is going to ask it.

Minnie Mouse Costumes
Material: Velvet
Item: EL100801

Price: $9.99

2019-07-07 14:13:32.077

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