Plus Size Regal Warrior Costume


Well, you certainly look ready for a night out on the town!And by “night out on the town” we mean eating with the richest Roman statesmen on golden platters with servants feeding you grapes. And then, of course, no night on the town is complete without a little raiding party after dinner.Oh, we know. We know you aren’t one to sit on some Greek lord’s arm all night, or manage the house while the soldiers are having all the fun with war. No. You’re a warrior yourself. Ready to stave off attackers, defend your home, or squash the enemy with some killer moves and a bash or two.We know because of your outfit. Your Regal Warrior Costume. At first it seems like a classy, stately dress, since it’s a red and black, long with a satin cape. And then we got a little closer and noticed the wrist cuffs and head band which are more like what barbarians and soldiers wear. Then we looked around and happened to notice the blood splatters, the bent shield and… is that a sword under your skirt? That’s what we thought. You’re a complicated one, ready for a dinner party and then a siege. We must commend you for your duality. It takes quite the operator to transfer from a smooth, suave lady to vicious and bloodthirsty. Well, okay, maybe not that much of a transition, but still. You get what we mean. You’re pretty and deadly.

Roman Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LE85437X

Price: $49.99

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