Pretty Porcelain Doll Costume


The porcelain doll: elegance and beauty captured for eternity in miniature form. Porcelain dolls are wildly collected for their uniqueness, for their supposed ability to communicate sentiment for ages. Pure and clean, these delightful girl and boy dolls depict an innocence that promises to outlast any of us. Crafted with remarkable skill, they are sure to delight for your whole life.… Unless, of course, their perfect faces get a little chipped. The trouble with porcelain is how delicate it is. If they aren’t taken care of and kept in perfect condition, those little flaws become pretty obvious and only grow more severe with time. Those unique breaks suddenly reveal fractures in not just the face… but the façade of their personalities. What was once innocent and kindly now seems dark and malicious. What beauty would once outlast our own lives might now be the source of our very demise!Lovely as you are, it seems that cracks have begun to show in your own façade, sadly. We’re all a little afraid for our safety, now, but we have to admit that you are still looking pretty astounding in this Pretty Porcelain Doll costume. The sweet-looking dress is made of comfortable polyester fabric and has exquisite nylon ruffled lace along your neckline, sleeve cuffs, and as a overlay on the skirt. The fabric bow conveys what remains of your innocent beauty… but the molded plastic mask shows the cracks that have began to form along your face and the truth of the danger you present. Pretty you might be… pretty deadly!

Doll Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LE85511

Price: $54.99

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