Toddler Amtrak Engineer Costume


So your kid is into trains, eh? They have the pictures, the stories, the coloring books, the train sets, the models, and the bed sheets? Well then, next step is the right outfit.Chances are your little train enthusiast has already been practicing at being a train engineer. They’ve no doubt blown the whistle a few times, helped with a few miniature derailments on the bedroom floor, and even practiced a train song or two. (we’re pretty sure that’s how the actual train engineers are trained too). Sounds like your little one is ready for the uniform. Of course then there’s the question of what kind of uniform. Are they running a monorail? Conducting a bullet train? Or perhaps they work with passenger transport? These are important questions to ask your child as they hook together small wooden pieces and catapult small cars along the model track. It will make all the difference in what kind of choo-choo noises they should make.So if they’re ready for their uniform, and they’re partial to passenger transport (or just really like blue stripes) we recommend our Toddler Amtrak Engineer Costume. This spiffy little outfit has a white, short-sleeved shirt, pinstriped overalls, and a matching pinstriped hat. There’s even a red bandanna and multiple Amtrak patches. Trust us, this outfit will make sure your child’s train career is right on track. Amtrak, that is.

Train Conductor Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00049

Price: $19.99

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