Wonder Superhero Accessory Kit


Back in the day, getting geared up for crime-fighting involved changing clothes in a cramped phone booth, sliding down a mysterious pole, or spinning in place and letting the Amazonian magic do its work. Nowadays we’ve streamlined the process. It only takes some well-chosen accessories to let the world know you’re shifting from a day at the office to a night of battling otherworldly forces of infinite evil bent on destroying humanity as we know it.Case in point: this compact accessory kit, which pairs easily with a casual dress or just about any outfit to instantly transform mild-mannered into super-heroic. The golden headband and wrist cuffs announce your star power, while the short, poly-knit cape makes a super statement in red, white, and blue. It’s every bit as convenient as the old-school method, with significantly less dizziness to boot.

Material: Polyester
Item: DR8346

Price: $14.99

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