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Greentom Reversible Stroller with Black Frame and Grey Canopy

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The perfect ride for passengers ready to explore more! It is up to your precious petite passenger when it is time to explore the world. Of course, you can always reverse position, so they won’t forget who’s pushing them around. The Greentom Reversible switches sides seamlessly. The precious passenger is able to face you or face the rest of the world. Both positions go back from A to Zzzzzz… Enjoy your ride! Greentom is made of high quality (recycled) materials. The frame, made of recycled, post-consumer polypropylene. The fabric is made of recycled PET-bottles. The components are easy to disassemble and can be reused or recycled. Greentom products do not contain BPA, PVC or phthalates and are non-toxic. What’s Included: Chassis Additonal frame Seat fabric Canopy Basket Features: One frame fits all Five point safety buckle is the safest around Extremely maneuverable: very smooth ride Lightweight (17.6lbs) Comfortable all-around handling Easy fold system with integrated lock Washable, easily removable fabric (UPF rating 50+)

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