Elevate Your Gift Giving with Towers

It seems that the “unboxing” is all the rage these days. We have to admit, it is so fun watching someone open up a box to the surprises inside. That’s part of the reason we love gift towers! When a gift basket feels a bit too buttoned-up, many gift-givers opt for our gift towers. Most of them are five (yes – FIVE!) boxes tall, and super fun to unpack one by one. Here at GiftTree, our collection of gift towers is awesome.  Here are just a few of our customer-favorites – see for yourself!

Five Fan Favorite Gift Towers

The Winchester Savory Tower

 Definitively savory, crunchy, chewy and sweet, this collection of cheese, crackers, snacks and candies is a celebration of tastes and textures in a tower of six gift boxes designed exclusively by GiftTree. A special occasion will be made all the better when they enjoy opening one box of delicious fare after another.

Good Times Candy Tower

Which candies do you remember loving as a child? From Pop Rocks to Big League Chew, Fun Dip to Bottle Caps, it’s all here in a tower of five colorful boxes, ready to surprise and transport them back to the good old days at the roller rink.

The Sweet Life

Sweets and treats abound in this beautiful gift tower that’s ready to uplift any special occasion. Tied up with a gold satin ribbon, your recipient will absolutely love opening each and every box to see what gourmet delight awaits them inside.

The Bear Hug Tower

Welcome the new baby and congratulate the new parents! Four adorable boxes (that spell B-A-B-Y) they’ll want to repurpose in the nursery are filled with gourmet snacks, cookies and candies for grown-ups, plus a super soft plush bear for the little one.

24K Gold Gratitude

Caramel and white cheddar popcorn, chocolate creme cookies, Almond Roca and zesty red chili peanuts are just a few of the delicious delights waiting inside this tower of thanks.

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Giving Gifts to the Legal Professional

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” – Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s character Dick the Butcher was being none too kind in this phrase from the play Henry VI, but he was really reflecting upon the notion of the people – that all lawyers were corrupt, conniving, and didn’t deserve a place in society. These days, most people don’t feel the same way about lawyers, especially since there are so many different types. Sure, there are prosecutors and criminal lawyers, litigation attorneys and many other types. Those are the first “lawyers” that come to mind. But what about the attorneys who help families prepare wills, or sign off on leases and contracts to make sure that every part of a deal is fair and organized? We need lawyers for every part of our day and every part of our civilized society.

We Need Lawyers! Be Kind to Lawyer’s Day is April 9th

Therefore, in 2017, April 9th was declared Be Kind to Lawyers Day! The best way to celebrate is to make sure that the legal professionals in your life know how much you appreciate the work they do. Take some time to really understand the struggles they face, and send them a gift basket to let them know you care about their efforts. Has a lawyer helped you in a child custody case, or sorted things out with an unruly neighbor? If so, Be Kind To Lawyers Day is the perfect chance to send a little thank you for what they’ve done. Make ake sure you’re familiar with the law firm’s ground rules for business gifts! Once you’ve done so, you’ll be sending the perfect gift in no time!

Great Gift Ideas for Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Professionals

Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Wine Gift Baskets

Wine Gift Baskets


3 Tips to Giving the Best Wine Gifts

Not all of us are sommeliers or wine experts. So when it comes to choosing the wine that conveys the impression you’re hoping to achieve, it can be tricky! Here are our top three go-to tips when it comes to giving the best wine gifts.

TIP #1 – The relationship you have with your recipient should be taken into account first and foremost. Is the wine gift for your boss? Just because your boss is a wine lover, he might not appreciate a Gewürztraminer or a pink Moscato. So consider the relationship that you have – is it personal or professional? Also, take the occasion into account as well. A bottle of Champagne as a gift for someone who has been sick with the flu isn’t really a very thoughtful gift.

TIP #2 – If you know of a particular label that he or she already loves, play it safe! Why take a chance when you already know what will make them happy? If you’re unsure of their particular wine tastes, try to gauge what they might like at a very base level. When you saw them at that Christmas party, were they drinking red or white wine? If all else fails, reach out to someone close to them and ask! It’s totally acceptable to approach a close friend or family member and say something like, “I’d love to surprise her with a bottle of wine. Any recommendations on what she might like?”

TIP #3 – Presentation matters. Up the game and elevate the gift with spectacular presentation (we love our Burlwood boxes). Especially if you’re giving a wine gift you already know they like, up the impression-factor and make it a grand entrance. Present the wine in a gift basket, where it’s paired with gourmet food! Give a bottle of Champagne in a shiny silver wine chiller!

At GiftTree, we’re proud to carry many distinctive and noteworthy bottles of wine in so many different presentations. In fact, our fine wine collection allows you to customize both the wine and the packaging it arrives in! Here are a few of our favorite wine gifts. Whatever you decide to do, giving a great bottle of wine in a beautiful presentation is a perfect way to leave a lasting impression.

Wine Gift Baskets

Champagne Gifts

Fine Wine Gifts

There are so many options and styles of wine gifts that are sure to impress – use the three tips above and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect wine gift!