Adult Red Knee Length Crinoline


Are you still trying to convince yourself that you can pull off a perfect 50s housewife or Little Red Riding Hood costume without this Adult Red Knee Length Crinoline? Are you all done with that nonsense, sweetie?Good, because we here really like to see our costumes completed to their fullest, most fabulous potential. And you can’t pretend any longer that a petticoat doesn’t make dressing up way more, interesting, sensational, transformative, and, well, FUN! It feels fun just to say the word “petticoat,” no? They make skirts and dresses way more poofy (read: more FUN!). We’re even wearing them right now. Basically, when you wear this ruffled, multi-layered crinoline you will be getting more out of your Halloween costume. And that makes us do a serious happy dance over here…

Animal Accessories
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1858RDAD

Price: $4.99

ORDER HERE: Adult Red Knee Length Crinoline

2019-07-07 14:13:32.077

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