Child Red Knee Length Crinoline


Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that children who wear lots of red grow up to be well employed, well-adjusted, and visit their parents more often than kids who wear a lot of other colors?OK, so that’s not proven, per se, but it’s a theory we have; red is certainly an eye-catching color that definitely instills confidence in its wearer! This Child Red Knee Length Crinoline is a striking accessory for your child to wear under a number of costumes. Little Red Riding Hood can become more voluminous, the Queen of Hearts can gain quite a dramatic effect, or a pirate costume can get a peppy update when this fluffy red skirt is added. You spend a lot of time teaching your gal not to be petty–but now it’s time to instill in her the import and impact of a truly confidence-boosting petticoat!

Animal Accessories
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1858RDCH

Price: $6.99

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